BIM consultancy and advice, what are the possibilities?

BIM consultancy and advice, what are the possibilities?

6 January 2023

BIM consultancy and advice: what are the opportunities around advising on application and optimisation of BIM in the construction process? BIM offers the construction industry plenty of opportunities for the future. We would be happy to tell you more about it. Our BIM consultants guide you in realising your ambitions around implementation and optimisation. In addition, we can take care of the complete plan elaboration in BIM in all phases of the building process.

Our starting point: the possibilities of BIM are far from exhausted! Working together, we take what is possible one step further.

BIM consultancy and other specialisations

What can Bureau Bouwkunde offer:

  • BIM consultancy and advice, peer review
  • Quality control
  • BIM direction and coordination
  • Clash control
  • Full plan execution in BIM in all phases of the construction process

Realising BIM ambitions

Do you want to implement or optimise BIM within your organisation? Our BIM consultants advise throughout the process, from strategy to implementation:

  • defining the BIM strategy
  • drafting protocols and execution plans
  • directing and coordinating the BIM process
  • testing models and execution plans for quality and conformity with standards.

BIM direction, coordination and clash control

The starting point is a controlled and well-managed BIM process. Efficient direction, coordination and clash checks and review moments are crucial here.

  • BIM direction and coordination: at the overall level, efficient BIM direction ensures optimum coordination between the various parties, each with their own BIM coordinator and specialism.
  • Clash control: information in the BIM is checked by us at an early stage to see to what extent the design is integrally coordinated and contains the correct information. A clear example of how failure costs are minimised.

Plan development in BIM

Our BIM specialists provide plan development in BIM in all phases of the building process. View our portfolio of highly diverse reference projects here.

BIM consultancy and advice, who can you turn to?

It is our conviction that the possibilities of BIM are far from exhausted. Not only has it greatly improved the efficiency of the construction process. There are also opportunities in the field of sustainability and circular construction; enriching data as a basis for circularity in the life cycle of the built environment is a good example. Facilitating (energy) performance and cost calculations in BIM is still in its infancy.

BIM is more than a tool but is actually a platform for innovations. Our BIM consultants and specialists closely monitor developments and actually take what is possible a step further.

Do you have a question about what the use of BIM can mean for your organisation? Do you need advice and support in the process or within projects? Our BIM consultants can be of service to you. Besides advice, we can also take care of the full plan development in all phases of the construction process.

Please contact BIM manager Berry van den Broek or Nils van der Waal.