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What makes you happy in your work? Do you go for challenges, development and nice and varied projects? At a company where the balance between work and private life is not an empty slogan and a vision of future-proof building is self-evident? Bureau Bouwkunde is growing fast and would like to talk to you. We want to know what you are looking for and what you need. And of course we will tell you what we can offer you.



We would like to explore with you why choosing Bureau Bouwkunde is the right step for you. After all, everyone’s personal motivation and ambition is different. At the very least, you can count on a number of distinctive starting points:

Good terms of employment, work and private life well-balanced

Good terms of employment, work and private life well-balanced

A good, appropriate reward fits a job in which much is asked in terms of knowledge, skills and commitment. We are also aware that sufficient private time is a prerequisite for good performance.

Develop yourself, build your knowledge

Develop yourself, build your knowledge

Bureau Bouwkunde is ahead of the troops when it comes to progressive services and expertise. We want to keep it that way! Everyone’s (personal) development is laid down in a training plan.

Become part of a top team with little hierarchy

Become part of a top team with little hierarchy

In our knowledge organisation, everyone’s input is carefully listened to. The way we are organised secures a stimulating and coaching working environment; as a team we are getting further and further this way!

Contribute to distinctive and diverse projects

Contribute to distinctive and diverse projects

We are proud of the scope and diversity of our portfolio. The variation in what we can do for our clients, both in planning and advice, is greater than fits into this text box; we are happy to show it to you!

Our vacancies

Check out our vacancies here. Is your job not listed here, but are you a passionate professional with similarities to what we do? We invite you to send us an open application.


As an organisation at the heart of the construction sector, we feel responsible for our climate, circularity and sustainability.

Not only do we limit our own CO2 footprint, but we also engage in a continuous dialogue with all the parties we come across in our work. Within the consultancy group, we are constantly developing our sustainable services. The BIMmers form a think tank around the question of how BIM can contribute to sustainability.

Bureau Bouwkunde is also a proud partner of the Dutch Green Building Council. Curious? We would be happy to tell you more about it.

Internship at Bureau Bouwkunde

Bureau Bouwkunde is a recognised training company. Our team regularly has room for MBO trainees who want to know more about modelling and architectural detailing. Here you can meet Bas Prins, who completed his studies with us and is now permanently employed by us.

HBO students with an architectural background who are about to graduate are also warmly invited to contact us. We are curious about the questions you hope to find an answer to in your thesis research with us.

Trainees can count on a permanent supervisor at Bureau Bouwkunde and an appropriate internship allowance.

Get to know your colleagues!

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