Extension of University of Applied Sciences Leiden, Leiden

Opdrachtgever University of Applied Sciences Leiden Architect DP6 architectuurstudio

Contribution Bureau Bouwkunde Nederland

  • architectural plan elaboration
    • Final Design
    • Technical Design
  • technical detail drawings
  • application for an environmental permit
  • BIM coordination & clashcontrol

Bureau Bouwkunde has contributed, in close collaboration with the architect, to the architectural planning for the Final Design.

The Final Design has also been submitted for the application environmental permit and for the selection and pricing of the contractor. During the planning process, Bureau Bouwkunde also performed the BIM coordination and clash control of the BIM.

The design for the extension is characterized by the addition of a flexible wing that, together with a connecting central atrium, creates a space that should promote meeting knowledge exchange and concentration.

The central atrium is also a calling card of the university’s sustainability ambition. The new building for the university will connect seamlessly to the existing building on the outside.

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