Werven Nieuw West, Amsterdam

Opdrachtgever Gemeente Amsterdam Architect SLA
Werven Nieuwe West

Bureau Bouwkunde’s contribution:

  • Architectural plan development
    • Final Design (DO)
    • Technical Design (TO-B)
    • Technical specifications (STABU)
    • Inspection of execution drawings

Bureau Bouwkunde assisted in the execution of the new construction project “Werven Nieuw West,” an office building for the Municipality of Amsterdam, in Amsterdam. During the process, our team handled the architectural details, including Stabu Specifications. Furthermore, we also examined the contractor’s execution drawings.

The photographs demonstrate the natural stone facades’ excellent and carefully finished brickwork. All of the stones used were hand-picked and custom-made on-site. We think the outcome was extremely successful!


Werven Nieuw West

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