Datacentre NorthC, Eindhoven

Opdrachtgever NorthC Datacenters Nederland én DVTadvies Architect -
Datacentrum NorthC, Eindhoven

Bureau Bouwkunde’s contribution

  • architectural plan development
    • construction-ready design
  • architectural engineering
  • environmental permit (WABO) drawings
    • fire safety report

About a year ago, Bureau Bouwkunde was commissioned to optimize an existing design for a NorthC data center in Eindhoven and to further develop it into a Construction-Ready Design. During this phase, we were responsible for the structural engineering, focusing on the manufacturability and feasibility of the design. We have worked closely with our clients (NorthC Datacenters Netherlands and DVTadvies) and design partners to carry out this work. Subsequently, we then provided drawings for the application for an environmental permit, including a fire safety report.

Thanks to good integrated cooperation in BIM with DVTadvies (installation engineering, project management and management) and Geelhoed (construction), the preparatory work was carried out. The contractors Hamer (installations) and Aannemersbedrijf Van Rijswijck (engineering) have now started construction. Recently the flag could be raised to celebrate the highest point.

Always a nice moment!

Datacentrum NorthC Eindhoven

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