New Construction – Ipse De Bruggen Foundation

Opdrachtgever Kopvol Architect Kopvol
Nieuwbouw Stichting Ipse de Bruggen

Bureau Bouwkunde’s contribution:

  • architectural advice
  • construction cost estimation (NEN2699)
  • construction safety plan (CSP)

Bureau Bouwkunde provided architectural advice and support to architect Kopvol in developing the design for a new construction project of Stichting Ipse De Bruggen. This project included multiple apartments for small-scale living as well as a separate building for day activities.

In addition, Bureau Bouwkunde also conducted the preliminary design and detailed design cost estimations, prepared a construction safety plan, and took care of the minutes of the design team meetings for this project.

Nieuwbouw Stichting Ipse de Bruggen

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