Renovation and expansion Sander’s building Erasmus University Rotterdam

Opdrachtgever Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam Architect Quist Wintermans Architecten (laagbouw) en Jo Coenen Architects & Urbanists (hoogbouw)
Renovatie en uitbreiding Sandersgebouw Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

Bureau Bouwkunde’s contribution:

  • design and project management
  • cost management
  • technical specifications (STABU)
  • coordination of constructions and installations
  • construction supervision

The total transformation, expansion, and sustainability upgrade of the Sanders building (formerly L-building) required an integrated design process with two architects, one for the high-rise and one for the low-rise. The Sanders building has been renovated into a transparent, efficient, and sustainable structure.

The project consists of a low-rise section that houses the lecture halls, study areas (educational function), moot court, library, and food court. A transparent collar has been added around the lecture halls, expanding the lobby and creating space for additional study areas.

Bureau Bouwkunde provided the client with support in design and project management, cost management, technical specifications (STABU), coordination and integration of structures and installations.

The sustainability of the Sanders building was improved through the implementation of advanced building services technology (including hybrid climate ceilings, ground-source heat pump systems, sensors, PV panels, and LED lighting), as well as upgrading the facade with new window frames featuring high-efficiency glazing and improved insulation.

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