Residential area Beauve, Amstelveen

Opdrachtgever Trebbe Architect Molenaar & Co. Architecten
Beauve, Amstelveen

Bureau Bouwkunde’s contribution:

  • architectural plan development
  • technical detailing
  • drawings for the application for the environmental permit
  • building code compliance assessment
  • sales drawings

The new luxury residential area Beauve, formerly known as the Moutlocatie industrial estate, in Amstelveen, consists of 44 spacious urban villas, 2 semi-detached houses, and a detached house in the higher segment, as well as five row houses in the mid-range segment.

Bureau Bouwkunde, commissioned by Trebbe, is responsible for the technical-construction development of the exterior of the Beauve project in Amstelveen with the help of BIM. This technical-construction development was based on the Preliminary Design (VO) by Molenaar & Co architects and was developed into a Final Design (DO). The objective was to perform the calculation based on the model; for this purpose, various types of masonry were modelled differently, for example.

Subsequently, Bureau Bouwkunde assessed the plan against the Building Code and further developed it for the application for the environmental permit (OLO). The floor plans were prepared from the model for the sales presentation.

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