Science House, TU Delft

Opdrachtgever House of Quantum B.V.; PM2 Projectmanagers en Labadviseurs Architect
Science House, Delft

Bureau Bouwkunde’s contribution

  • architectural plan development
    • preliminary design
    • final design
  • technical specifications
  • fire safety engineering (FSE)
  • second-opinion cost estimation

Bureau Bouwkunde provided architectural support for the Science House project, a multi-company facility for quantum technologies, at the request of PM2 project managers and laboratory advisers. The building is located on the TU Delft Campus’s southern side.

The existing building has been internally demolished and will be completely renovated and reconfigured. Bureau Bouwkunde has:

– Conducted a second opinion on the construction cost estimation and demolition cost assessment
– Developed the Preliminary Design (PD) and the Final Design (FD) in terms of construction
– Prepared the technical specifications for the contract formation
– Created the fire safety report
– Currently handling the process of obtaining the Environmental Permit.

House of Quantum B.V. is the client for this project, which is an initiative by the Quantum Delta NL Foundation (QDNL). House of Quantum B.V. is responsible for establishing multiple multi-company buildings across the country to facilitate various entities involved in the development of quantum technology.

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