Sustainable building, De Boschgaard

Opdrachtgever Superuse Studios Architect Superuse Studios
De Boschgaard

Bureau Bouwkunde’s contribution:

  • cost estimation for VO and DO.
  • fire safety report
  • building decree advice 2012

At the request of Superuse Studios, Bureau Bouwkunde has provided cost estimation for the Preliminary Design (VO) and Detailed Design (DO) phases for the De Boschgaard project in Den Bosch. Additionally, we have prepared a Fire Safety Report (FSE) and provided comprehensive support and advice regarding the Building Decree  review 2012.

It is a great pleasure for Bureau Bouwkunde to haver contributed to the De Boschgaard project! The project comprises 19 social housing units with workshops and a community centre. Sustainability is a central focus, and the use of recycled materials is maximized during construction. Architect Superuse Studios has developed a “reuse strategy” for this purpose.

Housing association Zayaz is the owner and financier of the project, but the initiative and ownership lie entirely with the future residents. They have also made the choices regarding the construction partners they collaborate with.

Construction of De Boschgaard is currently underway and is expected to be completed by the end of 2023, according to the planned schedule.

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