Faculty of economics management HU, Utrecht

Opdrachtgever HU Architect Mecanoo

Contribution Bureau Bouwkunde Nederland

  • Complete assignment from sketch to final design and execution



  • Mies van der Rohe Pavilion Award for European Architecture 1996
  • De Rietveldprijs 1997

By keeping the classrooms and offices sober, extra space could be gained for the lecture rooms. At the front of the complex, the closed volumes of the lecture halls are visible through the glass facades of the building. By using different materials and finishes, they stand out even more. These volumes are all four differently finished with respectively painted concrete, metal, wood and purple panels. The facade on the south side of the building is made up of a glass front with gray horizontal slats in front of it.

There are three patios in the complex: the jungle patio, the zen patio and the water patio. All three with a different character.

The surrounding garden and various patios complement the image of the building. The transition from the building to its surroundings is clearly visible, among others, by the water features and ponds, which are directly adjacent to the building. In other places, lawns or gravel fields blend tightly into the facade.

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