Paard van Troje, Den Haag

Opdrachtgever Gemeente Den Haag Architect OMA (Office Metropolitan Architecture)

Contribution Bureau Bouwkunde Nederland:

  • advice final drawing
  • construction preparation drawings
  • specification
  • performance drawings
  • coordination advisors

The pop stage is housed behind three monumental facades. The entrance to the pop stage is formed by the middle building. Only the facade of this has been left standing. Above the entrance, the small will be built with room for 300 people. The large hall for 1100 people has been realized behind the three buildings. the café at number 10 and the jazz café at number 14 are internally connected to the pop stage.

A new facade of corton steel plates has been built on the Long Beestenmarkt side. By installing these plates, the rainwater is drained from the facade.

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