Plein P – Erasmus universiteit, Rotterdam

Opdrachtgever Erasmus Universeit Rotterdam Architect Frishert CEAC Creations

Contribution Bureau Bouwkunde Nederland

  • research and architectural advice
  • architectural plan elaboration
    • Preliminary Design
    • Final Design
    • Technical Design
  • technical detail drawings
  • environmental permit application
  • technical specifications (stabu)
  • cost management
  • management

The square, belonging to the EUR (Erasmus University, Rotterdam) has undergone a major renovation. According to the design, the entire square has been raised to a large extent, so that a large amount of water can be drained with ease. The tile – a sandblasted composite – has a pattern that repeats every 24 tiles. The edges and the part of a “wyber window” are less sandblasted, so that this effect comes to the surface. The view of the lower pond has also been broken. The garden was very wild for this and now gets a very modern and orderly appearance thanks to the multifunctional benches. The benches guarantee three different functions: there is room for flora and fauna, a double seat is fitted and the depositing of waste is processed in the black part of the benches.

Our advisory services were aimed at providing adequate advice to the client for progress decisions and technical plan development.

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