RottaNova, Rotterdam

Opdrachtgever NEOO Architect Frits van Dongen Architects and Planners
impressie RottaNova vogelvlucht

contribution Bureau Bouwkunde

  • BIM coordination;
  • BIM clash control;
  • technical specifications (STABU)
  • analysis of the building and its surroundings

In the centre of Rotterdam, near the Binnenrotte and the Markthal, the RottaNova project is being realised. RottaNova is a multifunctional building with 258 diverse flats, office spaces and commercial spaces on the ground floor.

Bureau Bouwkunde tested the project, at the request of architect Frits van Dongen Architects and Planners, with regard to health and safety legislation and regulations. In concrete terms, this meant an analysis of the building and its surroundings, plus H&S coordination in the design phase. Bureau Bouwkunde was then involved in writing the Technical Specifications (STABU), and the additional BIM coordination and clash control.

The name RottaNova refers to Rotta, a medieval settlement on the lower reaches of the river Rotte. Around the dam built on that spot in the Rotte, Rotterdam arose at the height of Hoogstraat in the 12th century. Rotta Nova means (freely translated): new Rotterdam!

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