Spuimarkt, Den Haag

Opdrachtgever Architect Bolles & Wilson

Contribution Bureau Bouwkunde Nederland:

  • final design drawings
  • specification drawings
  • working drawings
  • budget

The plan was designed by architect Peter Wilson (Bolles + Wilson architectural firm). It offers space for 16,000 m2 of retail space in the basement, ground floor, first floor and (partly) on the second floor

Among the retail offer are supermarkets (regular and ecological). The Pathé multiplex cinema is located above these shops. it contains nine rooms and offers a total of approx. 3000 visitors. the entrances to the biscuit are located on the corner of the Spui and the Gedempete Gracht and on the Grote Marktstraat. With the arrival of the cinema, the area is better visited, which in turn provides a significant boost to the surrounding shops and entertainment facilities.

There is also room for a music / theater hall and other functions, such as a fitness center. At Rabbijn Maarsenplein, space is being created for several internationally oriented restaurants, including Thai, Japanese and Chinese. There will be one expedition for three trucks on the Gedempte Gracht

The Spuimarkt area is opened up by an underground tram station in combination with a parking garage, which is estimated to be used by approximately 9 million people per year.

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