Implementation office Staatsbosbeheer, Lelystad

Opdrachtgever Staatsbosbeheer Architect Van Veen Architecten

Contribution Bureau Bouwkunde Nederland

  • Technical elaboration
  • Cost management
  • Management
  • Installation technology
  • Fire safety

The two existing buildings of the Staabosbeheer Implementation Office in Lelystad next to the Oostvaardersplassen no longer met the current usage requirements. Staatsbosbeheer asked for the design for one building, consisting of an office and shed for various facilities. The total building had to fit within a specified footprint of approximately 550 m2. Intended architectural style: barn architecture with application of natural materials, sober finish, preferably in wood.

Van Veen Architecten developed a concept based on the principle of a traditional head-neck-trunk farm. This has been translated into a sustainable multifunctional building with a modest and appealing appearance.

The building is made of wood that comes from its own Staatsbosbeheer forests in the immediate vicinity. The prefab steel construction is freely divisible and expandable, so that later adjustments in use remain possible and can be dismantled so that it can easily be reused in the future. The building is energy neutral, among other things due to the application of solar panels on the roof. The optimum south orientation of the building and the slope are adjusted to this. Furthermore, an air heat pump takes care of the heating and cooling of the various rooms and the use of natural ventilation and water-saving sanitary ware has been chosen.

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