Implementation office Staatsbosbeheer, Lelystad

Opdrachtgever Staatsbosbeheer Architect Van Veen Architecten

Contribution Bureau Bouwkunde Nederland

  • architectural plan elaboration
    • Preliminary Design
    • Final Design
    • Technical Design
    • Implementation-ready Design
  • technical detail drawings
  • technical specifications (stabu)
  • cost management
  • H&S plan (health and safety)
  • fire safety
  • installation technology
  • contracting contractors
  • management & construction supervision

The Staatsbosbeheer implementation office in Lelystad was realized in collaboration with Van Veen Architecten. The sustainable functional building is a contemporary translation of three connected traditional barns with their own function and silhouette.

Bureau Bouwkunde Nederland, together with Van Veen Architecten, carried out the entire architectural elaboration. We also took care of the cost management, fire safety and management. The challenge was a combination of construction costs, sustainability & climate and the use of native wood.

Subsequently, we supported Staatsbosbeheer during price and contract formation and management / construction supervision. We have chosen to tender in multiple lots. Partly because of this, the plan became financially feasible.

The building is made of wood that comes from its own Staatsbosbeheer forests in the immediate vicinity. The prefabricated steel construction is freely divisible and expandable, so that subsequent adaptations remain in use and can be dismantled so that it can be easily reused in the future. The building is energy neutral due to the application of solar panels on the roof. The optimal south orientation of the building and the angle of inclination are geared to this. Furthermore, an air heat pump provides heating and cooling of the various rooms and the choice has been made to use natural ventilation and water-saving sanitary facilities.

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