Villa VPRO, Hilversum

Opdrachtgever Villa VPRO Architect MVRDV, Rotterdam

Contribution Bureau Bouwkunde Nederland

  • Advice final design
  • Construction preparation
  • Execution drawings

The accommodation of the VPRO is a compact building of 53 x 53 meters with 5 floors. The most striking feature of the “Villa” VPRO is the concrete floors, which are visible in the facades and together with the colored glass in the fronts determine the face of the building. On one side of the building, the floor suddenly curves upwards and blends seamlessly into the floor of the upper floor, then rises diagonally upwards to the next floor. In the other façade, the floor jumps up gradually.

The roof, composed of mutually staggered concrete ramps, is entirely planted with grass and trees. The TV studios and editing rooms are situated in the basement. The remaining spaces fan out from below and vary in size, height and connections. Stairs, stairs, steps, spaces, corridors, ramps and bridges alternate. The restaurant is a large room in the middle of the building, which is built up in stages.

Architect is MVRDV from Rotterdam. For more information see website:

Images used on this page were taken by photographer Rob ‘t Hart.

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