Zomerkamer Fort Rijnauwen, Bunnik

Opdrachtgever Staatsbosbeheer Architect Atelier Robidoux
zomerkamer fort rijnauwen maquette model

Bureau Bouwkunde’s contribution

  • architectural plan development (DO)
  • structural plan development.
  • installation engineering plan development.
  • cost estimation.
  • support in permit procedures.
  • technical specifications (STABU)
  • building code compliance assessment
  • safety and health plan (V&G)
  • construction safety plan (BVP)
  • fire safety

Fort Rijnauwen is the largest fort of the Dutch Waterline and is owned by Staatsbosbeheer (the Dutch Forestry Commission). The design “Zomerkamer” (Summer Room) consists of a fully glazed demountable orangery with a demountable wooden screen made of straight branches. It can accommodate up to 100 people for presentations and events.

For this project, Bureau Bouwkunde has undertaken the cost estimation and provided support for the permit procedures. Additionally, Bureau Bouwkunde has handled the architectural, structural, and installation engineering development.

The design is a collaboration between Iris de Kievith, Atelier Robidoux, and Bureau Bouwkunde. The project was led on behalf of Staatsbosbeheer by John Smits.

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