Brandweer Breda, Breda

Opdrachtgever Township Breda Architect Neutelings Riedijk Architecten

Contribution Bureau Bouwkunde Nederland

  • Final design drawing
  • Construction preparation drawings
  • Working drawings
  • Budget

The Fire Station in Breda is constructed as a series of four functional zones on the ground floor that are included in the contiguous volume.

Due to its massiveness, the barracks take on a different form at night. The interior lighting makes the gate to the depot transparent and thus displays the ready-made fire trucks.

The training areas are also completely walled in the same block pattern as the central building. Due to the nature of the work of the fire brigade, the barracks are necessarily in close relationship with the roads on which the barracks are located. However, one side of the site is formed by the inner canal on the old ramparts of Breda. The building thus forms a pendant with the closed buildings on the other side of the canal. The location also creates order in the city fringe that extends towards the motorway. The location has also been used to house the entire program in one walled volume.

The firefighters’ waiting room is located in the hall. There are illuminated windows in the wall of the hall, colored according to the applicable alarm codes. An emergency call thus illuminates the heart of the building in an appropriate glow. The firefighters will then rush to the fire trucks via stairs and sliding poles.

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