Het Vierhuis, Wilp

Opdrachtgever Stichting Zozijn Architect Contexture Architects

Contribution Bureau Bouwkunde Nederland:

  • Advice & engineering fire safety
  • Consultation of the municipality and the safety region
  • H&S plan Design phase
  • Technical specification (Stabu)

The Zozijn Foundation uses several buildings on the De Lathmer estate in Wilp as a care institution for people with multiple disabilities. In connection with the contraction of disciplines, the Zozijn Foundation has submitted the design for the renovation and extension of Het Vierhuis to Contexture Architects. The Vierhuis has been transformed into a multifunctional building in which the following functions have been realized: 8 daytime activities, a practice room, cuddle room, treatment and exercise room, butterfly bath, an office area, a multifunctional room and a large kitchen, also suitable for culinary day activities.

Bureau Bouwkunde Nederland has been asked by Contexture Architects for advice and engineering regarding fire safety. during the elaboration, there was consultation with the municipality. Subsequently, we made the H&S Plan Design phase for the application of an environmental permit.

We also wrote the technical specifications (stabu) for the tender. The entire project was completed and commissioned in November 2018.

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